Seasonal Gardening Tips

April Tips

Spring is finally upon us, and for many of us the itch to get out into our gardens is overwhelming.  So, too, can be the number of things on the Garden To-Do List!

Follow these simple steps to get your garden off to a great year:

    a) Start by raking away all of last year’s dead leaves and foliage from perennials to expose your soil or mulch.

    b) Next, prune back any woody perennials like Lavender or Blue Beard.  For shrubs like Lilacs or Dogwoods, take out a few of the oldest, thickest branches to rejuvenate them.  Hedge prune summer bloomers like Spirea, Weigela, and Barberry.  Remove winter damage from Hydrangeas, cutting them back to the first set of fat buds.

    c) Now inspect all your trees and shrubs for crossing branches, as well as remove any damaged or diseased branches.  Now you can see the overall shape, so ornamental pruning can be done.

    d) Don’t prune spring bloomers like Lilacs, Forsythia, or Magnolias as you’ll remove those beautiful flowers before you get a chance to enjoy them.  Also, wait to give your evergreens a shearing

    e) This is also the time to cut those Ornamental Grasses back to about 4-6” above the ground.

    f) Lastly, edge your garden beds with a Crescent Edger to create a distinct mowing edge, and Mulch, Mulch, Mulch.

And, if this seems like too much work, why not call in the professionals?  We’re here to help!

Don’t forget to check back in next month for information on Planting Annuals.