Company Principles

We are not a cheap, quick and dirty landscape company.  We will not compromise the quality of our workmanship, nor cut corners using substandard materials or methods in order to ‘sell’ a job as the cheapest ‘guy with a truck and wheelbarrow’ on the block.  In most cases if you are shopping around for quotes we will not be your lowest bid.  This is because there are plenty of uncertified, uninsured, fly by night landscape companies out there who will happily take your hard earned money to produce mediocre (or worse) results.

We instead have chosen to attract a specific clientele that are interested in aesthetics, craftsmanship, and attention to detail.  We are more than willing to divide your project into smaller, more financially manageable tasks that can be accomplished over a series of years.  We would rather do each stage correctly so that we can produce work of the finest quality for you.

Several things separate Peace, Love, and Landscaping from the competition.


Attention to Detail

We take pride in NOT being the fastest landscape crew in the area.  We work at a steady pace, covering all the smallest details in a methodically manner.  From arriving at the job at the specified time, to cleaning up the job site each and every evening before we leave so you are not living in a construction zone during the installation.

As your designer, I will not take on jobs that ‘cut corners’.  I want to be just as proud of my work, as you will be to show it off to your friends and family!



As a company we stay current with (and in many cases ahead of) trends and ground breaking new methods in the ever evolving landscaping industry.  Concepts such as Mycorrhizae Soil Amendments, LED Lighting, Rain Barrels and Rain Gardens, Roof Gardens and Green Walls.

Gardening is said to be both an Art and a Science.  Many reputable landscape companies know the science inside out, but lack the artistic sensibility that Wolfegang has developed with his lifetime involvement in the arts.

Our designs take creativity and imagination to new heights, pushing the boundaries in terms of materials, plantings, colour and textural combinations, and harmonious compositions.