Helping the Environment

At PEACE, LOVE, and LANDSCAPING we always work with nature, not against it.

In fact, “Gardening with Nature, NOT against it” was our company’s very first motto.

 So what exactly does this mean?

It encompasses a huge range of ideas… 

  • Water conservation through the use of proper mulching, storm water management, rain barrel installations, and proper plant selection/location to reduce watering needs
  • Hand tooling whenever possible to reduce exhaust fumes from heavy equipment and gas powered tools, limited use of heavy machinery to reduce soil compaction and damage to the surrounding environment
  • Working with the existing plant material to improve it through rejuvenation pruning, organic fertilization, mulching, and soil amendments rather than removing that material
  • Using all organic fertilizers, Integrated Pest Management, and reducing the overall landscape dependency on expensive, invasive maintenance practices (Mother Nature doesn’t need to hire a gardener!)

What does this mean for you, the client?

Have a look at your next water usage bill.  For every litre of water you use, you not only pay for its delivery, but also for its waste disposal.  If that water is used for your lawn or gardens, there is no disposal… but you are still billed for it. Reducing your irrigation needs saves you money!

Because we limit the use of heavy equipment our installation costs usually work out much cheaper than landscape crews with larger overhead costs.  Somebody has to pay for all those fancy toys, and you, the client foots the bill for large trailers, bobcats, backhoes, and the operators for them.

Why pay to have a new, tiny tree or shrub put in place when your existing trees and shrubs can usually be saved, reshaped, and rejuvenated?

Finally, you the client, get a good feeling knowing that you are doing your own little part to make this planet better for yourself, your family, and future generations with each and every environmentally sound choice you make.


 Below is a list of things we are doing daily at Peace, Love, and Landscaping to reduce our impact on this fragile planet we all call home:


  In our designs…

  •  Utilizing Native Plant materials as much as possible
  • Choosing plants with lower water needs (Xeriscaping)
  •  Specifying plants that attract and create homes for wildlife
  •  Using Cedar over Pressure (Chemical) Treated Lumber
  • Using natural/renewable materials over manufactured products
  • Encouraging clients to incorporate rain barrels, drip irrigation, and proper mulching practices,


In our installation methods

  • Choosing hand tools over powertools wherever possible
  • Choosing rechargeable/electric tools over gas powered tools
  • Choosing low emmission tools when gas powered are required


In our garden maintenance

  • Using safe, organic garden practices such as organic fertilizers
  • Using natural Mycchorizae instead of chemical based starter fertilzers
  • Using Eco-friendly mulches such as Composted Pine Mulch (CPM), Cocoa Shells, Leaf Mold, and Pine Straw.


In our office….

  •  Communicating with clients via email rather than letter mail
  • Paperless billing with our service providers and suppliers wherever available
  • Using recycled paper for printing
  • Use Refillable Ink Cartridges in all our printers
  • Recycling/reusing waste materials
  • Aligning ourselves with fellow environmentally conscious companies that aid in our day to day operations
  • Using a Fuel Efficient vehicle (the VW LUV BUG !) for Client Meetings rather than gas-guzzling SUVs or Trucks like most landscape companies


In the future we hope to be able to:

  •  Purchase diesel powered heavy equipment and run BioDiesel fuels made from waste fryer grease
  • Develop a plan and methodology for creating Carbon Neutral
  • Begin implement TRUE solar powered landscape lighting systems