Our Services

Perhaps you are a Do-It-Yourselfer and need a simple Garden Consultation?

Maybe the project is a bit more than you’d like to take on yourself?  If so, let’s begin with one of our In-Home Design Consultations?

Whether you project involves Interlocking Walkways, Patios, or Driveways, or Gardens designed and installed by expert Horticulturists, you can be confident that we’ve got you covered.

Are you thinking about including a Water Feature on your property?  Owner Wolfe Bonham is passionate about Water Gardens, and even teaches workshops on Water Feature Installation Techniques and Pond Design Aesthetics (see our RANTS to learn about why most ‘professionally’ installed ponds don’t look natural).

If a lack of Landscape Lighting is keeping you from using your property at night, our crew’s favourite projects all include installing magnificent outdoor lighting using eco-friendly low-voltage lighting.

And lastly, if you are looking for something truly unique, check out some of our Speciality Landscaping projects and ideas.


Specific Landscaping Services

Interlocking Patios – easy to maintain and repairable surfaces with timeless beauty, installed by ICPI Certified Installers

Garden Plantings – designed and installed by certified horticulturists, we make sure to use the right plant in the right location so that it will be beautiful, healthy, and in the proper scale for years to come

Pondless Waterfalls – for clients wanting the sound and movement of water in their gardens, but don’t want the maintenance of a pond this is the ideal solution

Retaining Walls – block construction gravity walls allow for minor movement without cracking like conventional concrete walls… and they look nicer too!

Grading & Drainage – many new subdivision have minimal or no proper drainage, meaning you have tons of wet areas in your yard.  We can create both beautiful and effective solutions to manage your storm water.

Landscape Lighting – it’s a shame to invest money in your landscaping, and then only be able to enjoy it during the day.  Low Voltage Landscape Lighting extends the use of your yard into those magical summer evenings.

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Here at Peace, Love, and Landscaping you can be sure we will bring a bit of Peace & Love to your outdoor spaces!