Garden Beds & Plantings


landscaping-gardensGardens are the counterpoint to all the hard surfaces (stones, bricks, pavers, etc..) in your Landscape Design.  They create a visual softness, a richness of colour, and impart living, breathing energy into an otherwise lifeless space.

However, all too often gardens are poorly designed, and within a few years some improperly located plants have died off, while others have outgrown or overgrown their space.

At Peace, Love, and Landscaping our focus is on Plants.  Wolfegang Bonham began his career as a hobby gardener, and as well as being a Certified Horticulturist, he is also still an admitted Gardening Addict.  With such a deep seated love of plants you can be sure your Garden Design will be second to none!

Garden Styles

landscaping-gardensBeing an avid traveler, Wolfegang Bonham continually visits gardens all around the world in order to inspire his Landscape Design process.  Wolfe even spent a winter in Japan to studying Japanese Garden Design under the renowned Landscape Architecture firm Kosugi Zo-en.

At Peace, Love, and Landscaping we can create any Garden Style you prefer.  Having visited and photographed literally 1000’s of gardens, from cheery English Cottage Gardens, to spicy Mediterranean Gardens, and shady Woodland Retreats, or even sleek, modern Contemporary Gardens, our range of design possibilities surpass all the competition.

Not sure what style suits your fancy?  No problem!  For our Design Consultations we have developed a simple slideshow program to help you develop your own personal and custom design aesthetic.

Colour Schemes

Having a lifetime background in Art and Design, Wolfegang Bonham can create a colour palette for your garden to suit any taste.  From hot, bright, and bold schemes, to more subdued pastels, and everything in between, at Peace, Love, and Landscaping we have a deep understanding of colour theory allowing us to create stunning colour combinations for your gardens.

Sun and Shade Conditions

Just like people, some plants like more sun than others.  We take the guessing out of it for you.  With our years of experience and Horticulture background we select only the best plants for the existing conditions.  This keeps your plants looking their best.  After all, using the Right Plant for the Right Place is just the way we do things here at Peace, Love, and Landscaping.

Low Maintenance Gardens

Our number one request from home owners is Low Maintenance Gardens.

Well, think about this.  If you are considering hiring a large landscape company that does equal parts installation and maintenance, it is in their best interest to make sure they have a reason to keep coming back each month to maintain your garden.

At Peace, Love, and Landscaping we don’t have a dedicated maintenance division.  So, you can be sure that we ONLY install Low Maintenance Gardens.  Our goal is to create a beautiful garden bed that only requires a quick Spring Clean Up.  And with proper Spring Mulching most home owners are easily able to stay on top of weeding by doing their own once a month spot weeding.

After Care

Once we have planted your new Garden Bed.  We can provide you with an Aftercare Plant Summary, showing you all the Perennials, Trees, and Shrubs included in your new garden.  This booklet will outline tons of information about your new plants, including their ideal growing conditions, water needs, bloom time, and their suggested maintenance cycle, as well as some interesting trivia facts about some of the more unique specimens in your Garden Design.  We also Warranty your Trees and Shrubs for one season.  And if you ever have any questions about your plants we are just a phone call away.

— — —

Let Peace, Love, and Landscaping create unique, stunningly beautiful, and low maintenance Gardens for your property!