Interlocking & Stonework



Hardscaping installations such as Interlocking Concrete Pavers, Segmental Retaining Walls, or Natural Stone create the structure, define the function, and anchor the design of your outdoor spaces.  But there is so much more to it than just making it all look pretty.

At Peace, Love, and Landscaping we are ICPI Certified Installers.  We are also recognized as Techo Pro Certified Installers for Techo Bloc products and an Authorized Unilock Contractor for Unilock’s line of concrete pavers.  However, we are more than happy to discuss other professional product lines should those better suit your style.  There are, though, certain manufacturers WE WILL NOT install as their quality is a lower, consumer grade (such as Stonelink, Oaks, or Hanson).

Here are some things to keep in mind when thinking about having a new patio, walkway, or driveway installed:

The majority of the cost in building a professionally installed patio that will last for years and years is in all the stuff you don’t see – the base underneath the patio.  The ICPI Standard for an Interlocking Patio base is to have a minimum of 6” Crusher Run (or Granular “A”) gravel compacted to 98% Proctor Density, placed on top of a Bi-axial Geotextile.  This means that the actual excavation must be at least 10” to accommodate for the depth of the pavers plus 1” of washed and screeded bedding sand.  Also, your patio’s base should extend a minimum of 6” beyond the skirt of the patio to ensure that the pavers on the edge do not shift, heave, or sink.  These areas are where many lower priced companies save time and money by installing sub-standard bases.  Then, a few years later what was a beautiful looking patio starts to shift and heave, causing tripping hazards, drainage issues, and an expensive replacement job.

Now, often we hear that Interlocking Driveways do not last, or that they get filled with weeds over time.  Although we’ve certainly seen our share of deteriorating interlocking driveways, in all cases this is because the methods used to install them were incorrect, and corners had been cut to save money or time.  Just like Patios and Walkways, an Interlocking Driveway starts from the base materials.  However, a driveway needs a minimum of 12” of compacted base materials (and we typically use at least 15”), meaning that the initial excavation should be 16” or more!

Regarding weeds, we use Envirobond’s jointing sands, which are highly alkaline in nature creating a high PH area where weeds cannot grow.  Approximately every two years your pavers joints should be pressure washed to remove the airborn debris that accumulates in the joints and a fresh layer of Envirobond jointing sand is swept into the joints; a process that takes less than an hour and any home owner can do themselves.  Voila – No weeds!

Now let’s look at some hardscaping ideas for your property.


For backyard seating nothing beats an interlocking or natural stone patio.  Wooden decks can fade, rot, or require yearly maintenance.  Stamped or Patterned Concrete will crack, can be slippery, and are not repairable.  However, interlocking pavers allow for minor expansion and contraction due to freeze-thaw cycles, are very low maintenance, and can always be repaired if a problem ever occurs.  Plus, they just look really nice!

Whether you need a small, intimate seating area for a simple bistro table for two, or a larger area big enough to seat the entire extended family or group of friends, we can design a patio that meets your needs.



With all the options for patios, decks, and garden areas you need a way to move around your property safely and without tracking mud, dirt, or grass clippings into your home.  We can design and install gorgeous walkways using interlocking pavers, decorative gravels, or natural stone in colours and patterns that compliment the style of your house.

Walkways need to be installed to the same ICPI Standards as Patios, and for high traffic areas should be a minimum of 4’ wide.  We even prefer to design 5’ wide walkways for front entrances to create a stronger statement and for more curb appeal.



Interlocking Driveways have a timeless quality to them, and don’t require chemical sealing like asphalt does.  They don’t crack like concrete driveways, and are not slippery like Patterned or Stamped Concrete (which will also crack).

If installing a full Interlocking Driveway isn’t within your budget we can also Band the sides of your driveway with a row decorative concrete pavers to create a more upscale look.


Retaining Walls

Available in a huge range of looks, colours, and styles, Retaining Walls can become both a beautiful and functional vertical element on your property.  Pillars can be added to heighten the overall aesthetic look, and coping stones with integrated landscape lighting create a stunning finish.

A majority of our hardscaping projects involve replacing failed Retaining Walls.  So much so, that Wolfegang Bonham is a Certified Segmental Retaining Wall Installer through the NCMA.  Professionally installed Retaining Walls are more than just some blocks stacked up to hold back earth.  In many cases a Structural Engineer is consulted in developing the Design Plan.  Specifications and considerations for base preparation, block set back, surface and sub-surface drainage, and load bearing surcharge become very important factors in constructing a Retaining Wall that will stand the test of time.


Seat Walls

Need some additional seating?  Sometimes it’s not practical to have enough tables and chairs for the few occasions that you’ll have a big group of people over.  Seating Walls create not only additional seating, but are always a great way to divide your yard into designated areas or rooms, as well as adding a much need vertical element to your hardscaping.  With the addition of integrated wall lighting your patio can be subtly lit up for entertaining into the wee hours.



Are you living in a new build home with an ugly poured concrete porch and front step?  We can overlay a concrete paver or natural stone veneer on this surface and carry that same look right out to the driveway.  The best part is that this is one of the most cost effective installations that we do with an immediate return on your investment due to such a dramatic improvement in your home’s curb appeal.


Outdoor Kitchens

The newest trend in Outdoor Entertaining is full service Outdoor Kitchens, with built in BBQ’s, Refridgerators, Wine Coolers, and Sinks.  These magnificent spaces instantly become the go-to spot in your backyard, and once you have one we doubt you’ll spend much time indoors during the summer.

Permeable Pavers

For the environmentally conscious we can install a Permeable Paver surface as a driveway, patio, or walkway that will allow for storm water to percolate through the paving system.  This water is retained underneath the surface material where it can slowly be absorbed back into the water table rather than rushing into the streets and already heavily burdened municipal storm water systems.  The benefits of permeable paving systems are that chemicals and contaminants are filtered out before they reach sensitive waterways or our lakes, and by keeping the water on your property your trees and shrubs benefit by having more available water during summer draughts.

— — —

Let Peace, Love, and Landscaping install lasting interlocking or natural stone creations in your outdoor spaces!