Water Features & Ponds



Nothing creates aWe make your new waterfall look natural soothing outdoor space as effectively as the sound and movement of water.  Whether it is a gentle trickle to sit down and relax beside, or a rushing cascade, water features instantly become the most magical portion of your property.  And, per square foot, water features are some of the lowest maintenance installations.

Let’s look at some possibilities:


Pondless Waterfalls

By far the most popular water feature we insLow Maintenance Pondless Waterfallstall is the Pondless Waterfall.  Many clients first approach us wanting a Pond and Waterfall.  Our first question is to determine why they want the Pond portion.  If they are not interested in growing water plants, or having fish, then a pond may be a bit more maintenance than they wish to take on.  More often than not we hear that what they really want is the sound of flowing water, and the look of a waterfall.  This is where the Pondless Waterfall concept was born.

Simply put, it is a waterfall with an underground reservoir to hold the excess water, pump, and plumbing.  With a large open water area algae blooms are virtually unheard of, and winterizing the system can be as simple as reaching into the pump vault and removing the vault in the fall, and reinstalling it in the spring… each phase in less than 5 minutes!.

Bubbling Rocks

Bubbling RocksMaybe you don’t have the space for a full scale waterfall, but still want a natural looking water feature.  A Bubbling Rock can be fit in even the tiniest of spaces, and creates a wonderful drinking fountain for birds, butterflies, and other insects.  A Bubbling Rock is a great way to add a water feature to your outdoor space at a fraction of the cost of other water features.

Sheer Descents & Water WeirsWater Weir

If you are looking for a more formal look, a Sheer Descent can be built into just about any wall, retaining wall, or even seat wall.  Just like Bubbling Rocks and Pondless Waterfalls, these are ultra low maintenance installations that instantly add not only a focal point, but heighten your property’s value.

Larger scale Sheer Descent Pools can include water plants including water lilies, lotuses, and of course, even fish.

Custom Fountains

Custome Bubbling Foutains

Unique, Custom Water Features

Of course, the ideas for water features are limitless.  Together we can dream up something truly unique and original to create a one-of-a-kind custom water feature.


Fish Ponds with Lilies

For the truly adventurous, or those with a passion for the outdoors, having a Pond is the height of backyard naturescaping.  Wolfegang Bonham teaches Water Garden Aesthetics throughout Southern Ontario, and he is passionate about creating a natural looking water feature that blends seamlessly into your property.  Nothing frustrates him more than seeing Ponds that look like glorified bathtubs in the middle of a yard, or waterfalls that are just ugly mounds of wet rocks!

Ponds offer a chance to capture nature in your own oasis.  They attract bird, butterflies, dragonflies, frogs, and turtle.  They reflect the sky, and glisten at night.  Why fight the traffic heading north to the cottage when you can have your own little private pond right out your backdoor?

And, not all Ponds need to have fish, and in fact, those without fish are much easier to maintain.

Note:  The biggest mistake home owners make in getting their first pond is making it too small.  By working through our Design Process we can make sure to appropriately scale your pond to both your needs and your property so that in the future you don’t have to do an expensive Pond Renovation.



Winter WaterfallIf you have a Pond, why not take it to the next level with a natural looking waterfall rushing down to the edge of the Pond?  Multispeed pumps and timers can be used to adjust the flow of water to suit your schedule keeping your Hydro Bill in check.



Bog Filtration

Bog Plants for your Bog Filter

Many Pond & Waterfall systems these days are designed around chemical and mechanical filtration.  This is primarily because it allows the manufacturers to continually sell you a product to keep your system clean and trouble free.

In nature, nobody is adding harsh chemicals, or taking the time to clean mechanical filters.  This is why at Peace, Love, and Landscaping we’ve taken the approach of using Bog Filters.  These are small areas along side your pond where fascinating and beautiful bog plants are grown.  Water from the pond is continually cycled through this area where the plants uptake all the extra nutrients (Nitrogen primarily) so that the pond creates a natural balance.  This filtered water is healthier for your fish, and far cheaper in the long run.  If it works for Mother Nature, why not use it!

Sound Abatement

Wolfegang Bonham’s first career was as an Audio Engineer where he owned and operated a well known recording studio in the 1990’s.  Because of this he is able to “tune” your water feature to create just the right sound for your space.  Rushing Waterfalls and Cascades create a wash of white noise that can mask traffic sounds and neighborhood noise pollution when placed further from your entertaining areas.  More gentle, trickling water features can be placed closer to create the soothing, natural sounds of a true backyard oasis.  Lastly, resonant caves can be created within waterfalls for deeper, more robust sounds.

— — —

Let Peace, Love, and Landscaping bring the magical element of water to your Outdoor Oasis!