At Peace, Love, and Landscaping, we are not your typical landscaping company.  Although we do install all the standard things like Patios, Walkways, and Driveways, and our trained Horticulturists plant spectacular Gardens, it is our Niche project abilities that truly set us apart from the competition.

Owner / Designer Wolfegang Bonham has spent over a decade refining his skills in unique areas of the Gardening Industry that many colleagues and competitors simply have no understanding of.

With years of experience installing both Water Features and Landscape Lighting, Peace, Love, and Landscaping is able to take on a much wider range of projects “In House”, without having to involve unknown sub contractors on your property.

Having gone to Japan to study Japanese Garden Design, and apprenticed in Dry Stone Wall Construction are just 2 of his unique areas of expertise.  In 2012 Wolfe also has become a Feng Shui Certified Consultant.  Most Feng Shui consultants have an Interior Design background, however Wolfe’s strength is that he can also apply Feng Shui remedies to your outdoor space.

Have a look at some of our Specialty Niche Landscaping Installations for some unique ideas that can be incorporated into your outdoor spaces.