Japanese Garden Design


Japanese Garden Design has remained virtually unchanged for centuries.  Drawing on design principles so different from a European aesthetic, they are instantly recognizable.  Asymmetrical, borrowing and framing views from other areas of the garden, or even neighboring properties, and creating a garden space that must be traveled through to have its story unfold are just some of the concepts found in great Japanese Garden Design.  Combine that a mastery of small space gardening, a restrained palette of plant material, and a simple elegance, Japanese Gardens are some of the most serene, relaxing, and magical garden spaces in the world.


Having studied Japanese Garden Design here in Canada for over 10 years, and visiting many Japanese Gardens throughout North America, designer Wolfegang Bonham finally realized that to truly understand and appreciate Japanese Gardens he would need to travel to Japan.

In 2011 he was presented with an opportunity of a lifetime – to travel to Japan with a select group of design students from around the globe and study at the world renowned landscape architecture firm Kosugi Zo-en.  Once there all the puzzle pieces fell into place and he returned to Canada with a deeper understanding of the intricacies and delicate nuances that make truly wonderful Japanese Gardens.

Zen Gravel Gardens

By far the most iconic of the Japanese Garden spaces are the Dry Landscape Gardens (Karesansui).  These simple garden spaces incorporate stunning rock placement in a field of sands or gravels, with a soft, restrained palette of contrasting foliage plants.  Each Zen Garden is designed with a story or riddle behind it that is meant as a point of contemplation or meditation.  Let us work with you to create to the story of your garden!

Tea Gardens

These lush and intimate garden spaces drip with history, elegance, and sophistication.  Mossy pathways, dense plantings, and magical vignettes create a never ending garden discovery experience.  From understated entrance gates, to welcoming fountains (Tsukubai), and of course the ubiquitous Japanese Stone Lanterns, a Tea Garden will instantly transfer you away from the hustle and bustle of the outside world.

Contemporary Japanese Gardens

If a crisp and clean look suits your tastes, perhaps a modern take on Japanese Garden Design is the sort of space you have been seeking.  Let us take the ancient Japanese Garden Design techniques and apply them in a new and exciting way, creating a modern oasis for your outdoor space.

 — — —

Let Peace, Love, and Landscaping bring a little bit of Zen to your Outdoor Space!