Low Voltage Landscape Lighting


In our opinion, Low Voltage Landscape Lighting is the single best investment you can make in your property.  The overall “bang for your buck” is a tremendous value, and by extending your use of your outdoor spaces into the evenings you essentially double your return on investment.  Give some serious thought to lighting up your landscape.

Extended Usage

Many of us do not get home from work until late into the evenings.  By the time we unwind, make dinner, and settle in it is dark in our gardens.  And with summer temperatures so hot, often we cannot enjoy our gardens on scorching weekend days.  If your property incorporates Low Voltage Outdoor Night Lighting, those warm summer nights can be spent outside enjoying your investment that much longer.

Why host a dinner party indoors when you could have everyone outside enjoying a professionally designed backyard oasis?  Take the Wine and Cheese outdoors and entertain into the wee hours with professional Landscape Lighting.


Some of Wolfegang Bonham’s favourite garden visits are those he has visited at night.  Your garden can take on an entirely new dimension when property lit using Low Voltage Landscape Lighting.  Flowers seem to glow in the dark, shadows can be cast on walls creating spectacular effects, and cozy, intimate garden areas become warm and inviting at night.

Landscape Lighting also really shines in the Winter months, when you are stuck indoors.  Looking out your windows on a cold winter’s night, with snow covered branches gently lit by your outdoor lighting creates a true winter wonderland.


Dimly lit walkways and steps are a recipe for a slip and fall.  Professional designed Landscape Lighting can light up those problem areas so that you can comfortably walk through your garden at night without tripping on objects, or tumbling down steps.  And, professional designed Outdoor Night Lighting does this without making your property look like a floodlit baseball diamond or airport runway!


Although we don’t always like to talk about, the reality is that sometimes bad things happen to good people.  Landscape Lighting can help illuminate those areas around your property where criminals may be looking for opportunities to break into your home and steal your valuable possessions.  It can also light up those areas where you feel vulnerable as you travel from your car to your door, or around your property.


Professional Designed and Installed Low Voltage Landscape Lighting is not like buying some fixtures at a big box store and placing them in the ground.  It takes special skills and training to understand how to light up a space just the right amount, using high quality and long lasting products.  As a result, the costs per fixture, installed, range in the $250-300 per fixture.  A simple 10 light system will be in the $3000 range… about the cost of a vacation, but now you can spend every evening swept away in your own backyard resort paradise.

Operational costs for Outdoor Landscape Lighting are very reasonable.  Timers and Photocells mean you can choose when and for how long your lights stay on.  With LED Technology, the operational costs are becoming even more affordable, along with prolonged bulb life reducing costs and maintenance on your lighting systems.


— — —

Let Peace, Love, and Landscaping paint your property with the warm glow of Low Voltage Landscape Lighting!